Time for new ways

September 2020

Some would say it was the inner voice, others that it was time for something new, a new adventure, new challenges, … And indeed – on my way to this moment, when Pelia and I can welcome you on this site together, quite some of the above things were the case. However, even complicated moments can contain something beautiful or educational. New insights, giving me strength and motivation for my new creations.

This is how she came to be. The fruit of comprehensive research, self-exploration, learning, … With a bit of magic, the right people were attracted to the project, … And Pelia Organic was born.

I believe that you too accept yourself at certain times, and find fewer wonderfulties about your body at others. For years, I had been consumed trying to accept myself, … endlessly looking for flaws, and – believe it or not – each time I found one. Until the moment, when I realized that at some stages, I had been seeing myself quite differently than at others … How much time I spent looking for flaws! Instead of just embracing and telling myself how wonderful and unique I was. Regardless of my figure or my victories or defeats! … Are you too being rather critical when it comes to your body? Instead of exploring with a mysterious smile your characteristics and singularities … yourself or what makes you unique.

This, I wanted to change. I wished that all of us women would more often consciously touch our bodies, grant ourselves a moment alone, accept ourselves through this, scrub off the past, present ourselves with new motivation, and restore the good feeling in our own skin – think of ourselves and all the wonderful things we can be, if only we dare to see them. Accept and love ourselves – exactly as we are.

Pelia Organic is just it. A gentle touch of nature, eager to stop time and make space for an intimate moment, an important meeting with yourself.  Handcrafted from top-quality natural ingredients, Pelia Organic was created with the thought of you and nature, the animals, our descendants, … No compromising – just what each woman in her wonderful uniqueness deserves.

Surrender to timelessness on the new way to yourself!

Welcome to the world of Pelia Organic!