Nourishing body polisher


For all skin types, but foremost for dry skin and sensitive skin during pregnancy, we crafted a nourishing body polisher without water, containing shea butter and camellia seed oil.

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Lotus – nourishing body polisher contains only selected oils and butters of top quality, abundantly nourishing your skin and presenting it with soft elasticity.


Lotus particles gently peel off dead skin cells, thus stimulating your skin’s own renewal system. The luxurious blend of shea, mango, and cupuassu butters as well as grape-seed, camellia, and sunflower seed oils nourishes the skin abundantly. The selected frankincense essential oil stimulates skin renewal and brings relaxation to body and soul.



Pelia Organic products are certified Organic. They contain neither GMO (MOT1) nor other potentially harmful substances. They are suitable for vegans and animal-friendly. The Pelia Organic packaging is (MOT2) product- and environment-friendly.

Designed and handcrafted in Slovenia, EU

Tips for use
  • Exfoliate after a long shower, bath or sauna (the heat will open your pores and allow the absorption of nutrients from the ingredients).
  • Lotus melts on contact with the skin, so it is advisable to first capture a small amount of the product (the size of a hazelnut) and then add it if necessary.
  • When using in the evening (when you stay at home) after rinsing, just rinse and soak up with a towel. This will leave more nutrients on your skin that will nourish your skin overnight.

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