Exfoliation with butters in winter months

December 2020

We have stepped into the autumn and cold months are ahead. Although our skin is trying to adapt to the season, the large temperature differences between the heated rooms and the outdoor cold will dry out and damage your skin. Does it sometimes literally snow out of your nylons or trousers when pulling them down? Each time this happens I pity my skin and say to myself that I want to do more for it.

Certainly, you already know shea butter – an excellent choice for dry and irritated skin. Featuring an anti-inflammatory effect, it also helps restore the destroyed lipid barrier of your skin, due to which it will dry out faster, begin to flake as well as become rough. Mango butter, too, might be familiar to you. Its creamy structure is ideal for winter skincare. Still a little less known and seldomly used in cosmetic products is the rich cupuassu butter. Special among butters for its exceptional spreading property, it does not leave a heavy sensation on the skin. Its soothing and regenerating effects will make dry, sensitive skin relax and regenerate. The anti-oxidative and regenerative effects of this rich butter are due to a large part of plant sterols. Improving the barrier function of the skin, they are preventing moisture loss and skin irritation.

An important constituent part of the selected butters is stearic acid – also one of the components of the stratum corneum or upper epidermis layer. Featuring an occlusive effect, stearic acid will optimize its function as well as elasticity. Occlusives are substances forming a semi-permeable hydrophobic film on your skin, thus reducing transepidermal water loss and improving skin moisture. The selected butters also contain a large part of oleic acid with proven anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects, for which our skin will be more than grateful during the cold months.

All the above butters are found in our luxurious body polisher. LOTUS will gently remove dead skin cells and nourish your skin at the same time, leaving it soft and gentle long after use.

Inka P. Gerkšič, dermaesthetic specialist, internationally certified aromatherapist, founder of “Naravni kotiček” (transl.: Natural corner), trainer, mentor and cosmetic formulator