Exfoliation and its beauty

November 2020

Feeling like after a whole day of wellness. Relaxed inside, because thoughts and worries have said good bye – at least for some moments. Soft and smooth skin that I just have to touch over again and that wonderful feeling of beauty and comfort growing inside.

Isn’t it wonderful when we prepare such a ritual for ourselves? Allowing ourselves to unwind and remove all the old and unnecessary? Sometimes it is pleasant to give an opportunity to something new. Also, when it comes to your skin, right?

By exfoliation we do exactly this: we remove dead skin cells making space for new ones. However, exfoliation can be much more than just this, provided you perform it moderately and chose the right products for your skin. Exfoliation – the procedure of removing dead skin cells from the skin surface – will immediately improve the texture of dry skin. But exfoliators also feature other wonderful effects – regarding the type of exfoliator (mechanical or chemical) and the area of use.

Exfoliators can have following effects:

  • Skin smoothening;
  • Cleansing pores and reducing acne;
  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Reducing hyperpigmentation and scars;
  • Improving microcirculation and stimulating skin renewal. 

So does our luxurious LOTUS exfoliator. Besides removing dead skin cells, it offers rich care and will abundantly nourish your skin. This is enabled by the active substances of our selected rich butters and oils soothing your skin and stimulating its renewal. LOTUS will make your skin wonderfully soft and supple as well as surround you with its gentle and relaxing scent.

Do not forget to indulge yourself, …